This service provides teaching, assistance, and practice with activities related to daily living, community involvement and support, and maintenance of a household. We believe that a survivor’s natural and local community can afford effective opportunities for learning and practicing skills. Survivors may acquire and retain functional living skills best when these skills are taught in an environment that most closely resembles, or is the environment in which they will use these skills. Actual home and community-based activities are utilized, with participant choices and goals in mind, as well as expanding knowledge of all additional resources available.

Emphasis is on using strategies directly with the participant and/or family or other natural supports in the person’s life, so that they can successfully manage roles and responsibilities for daily living and household operations with the highest level of independence possible.

The ability of the person’s family & support network to assist in this process and/or to reinforce skills in the natural environment is considered an integral component of this service.

Transitional Home &

Community Support