Only you know where you have been...

                               and where you want to go.

We can help at any stage of the journey.

Who We Are... 

Known as leaders in the field of rehabilitative therapies and other related services.

The entire idea behind our company is to allow you to  live your life...your way.  

*  We have all worked in various areas of social services for over 30 years, and in that time have been involved with several states and several companies.  But, we always thought, “we can do this better!”  We found that many companies and agencies make things too difficult, are not well-trained in their field, and lose sight of putting the person first.

*  We are Cognitive/Behavioral Therapists, Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors certified in brain injury and also clinical addiction, and seasoned field staff.

*  We focus on a wholistic approach.  We believe that a person is more that just the sum of their parts, and likewise a peron’s life is more than just one situation or time period of their life.  To live a happy fulfilling life, we all need to seek a healthy lifestyle…physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually...whatever each of those mean to you.  Only then will we truly reach our personal goals, and maintain our independence and lessen dependence on supports later in life. 

*  In fact, that is the inspiration for our company’s name

             a person’s life is like a stream, ever flowing, sometimes changing, but always moving forward.